Branson Tractor Range

Branson 2100
Good things come in small packages and the Branson 2100 is no exception. With a 21Hp 3 cylinder diesel engine the 2100 packs a punch
Branson 2400
Still compact but with a 24hp diesel engine and choice of manual or HST transmission the 2400 is an excellent choice for your small hobby farm
Branson 2800
Need a bit more HP in a small tractor the Branson is for you with its turbo charged 28hp diesel engine
Branson 3120R
The Branson 3120R is the first in the 20R series range but still based on a 55Hp transmission making it a strong tractor
Branson 3520R
Stilll using a naturally asperated 35Hp diesel engine the 3520R gives honest HP at low RPM for excellent fuel economy
Branson 4020R
40Hp turbo diesel engine with 12/12 shuttleand larger tyres the Branson 4020R is a nice medium sized tractor for your small farm
Branson 4520R
With its 4 cylinder 45Hp naturally asperated diesel engine and 12/12 shuttle gearbox the Branson 4520R delivers honest performace.
Branson 4520C
Sit back in your a/c cabin and turn chores into pleasure time with the Branson 4520C, the first tractor in the range to offer a/c as an option.
Branson 5220R
Powerful yet agile and easy to use the Branson 5520R offers excellent value for money and capable of handling the tough jobs .
Branson 5220C
Turbo charged 55Hp engine with a/c cabin and shuttle shift transmission with Branson 5520C is a real workhorse
Branson 6640 C
Weighing in at 2900kg and pushing out 65Hp via a 3.4litre 4 cylinder diesel engine the Branson 6640C is a solid performer in all conditions
Branson 8050C
Stand back and be amazed at the features and perfomance of the Branson 8050C tractor with 24 speed power shuttle transmission