Branson deliver fuel savings with Cummins engines and clever PTO design
Maximum power @ 2600 rpm across the entire range


Most tractor manufacturers claim the horsepower of the tractor at the engines maximum RPM. This means that for you to actually get the horsepower you bought the engine must be set to maximum RPM moving the engine further away from its maximum torque and using unnecessary fuel.

The Cummins engines used exclusively throughtout the Branson Tractor range infact produce more horsepower than the claimed horsepower on the side of the tractor. What does this mean for you? You only need to run the engine @ 2600 RPM to get what you paid for. In turn lower reving engines run closer to the maxium torque of the engine making the tractor feel more grunty and they use less fuel, run quieter & cooler ultimately saving you money.

Branson Tractor have also included an over-ratio rear PTO in most of their tractor range meaning that the required 540 rpm for most rear implements is achieved @ 2600 RPM instead of full engine RPM giving even greater fuel economy for PTO functions such as slashing.

It make sense, not only do Branson Tractors deliver excellent value for money during the purchase process they continue to deliver cost savings for the life of the tractor.

Our Mission
Quality tractors at factory direct prices

Branson Tractors Australia are revolutionising the way you buy a tractor. Never before have such high quality tractors been offered for sale direct from the factory to the Australian public. Branson Tractors Australia buy tractors from the factory in South Korea with factory approved attachments designed to meet the requirments of the Australian smaller farmer.

The tractors undergo a full pre-delivery checklist by a qualified mechanic and all implements pre-fitted and tested before being packed and delivered directly to your door.

Our Partnerships
Factory approved implements and attachements

At Branson Tractors Australia we have worked closely with the factory to offer a range of factory approved attachments and implements to make sure you get a high quality implement that perfectly matches your tractor. Factory approved implements ensure you obtain maximum effeciency from your tractor and chosen implements. More importantly your factory approved attachment has ungone strict quality and suitabilty testing and does not affect your tractor warranty.


Our Pledge
We are working hard to make sure you get the best tractor possible for the bet price possible

Branson Tractors Australia have more than 20 years experience importing tractors into Australia. We know the pitfalls of so-called reconditioned Japanese tractors that in some cases can be more than 30 years old. Spare parts supply is difficult and in some cases impossible due to the age of the tractor. Often you don't receive an original owners manual and usually they are fitted with non-factory approved attachments.

We also are well experienced in Chinese tractors while they seen amazing value for money there are some downsides not obvious to new tractor buyers. The engine technology used in Chinese tractors is very old, the engines tend to be noisy and run rough compared to a Japanese or Korean engine. The gearboxes used in Chinese tractors are mostly non-synchronized, like the old crash box in the truck. Gearshifts are difficult and clunky and often you are not able to shift on the move like you would with a synchronized gearbox in the Branson Tractors. While they look nice and shiny in the showroom you often find your new pride and joy doesn't look so good 12 months down the road as paint quality and surface preparation tends to lack on most Chinese tractors.

At Branson Tractors Australia we want to give you the best quality tractor possible at a wholesale factory direct price. its worth spending a little more to receive a tractor that runs smooth, is easy to operate and will keep looking good for a lifetime because thats what you deserve.


How to choose the right tractor
Buying the right tractor is important


Tractor Attachments
Branson Tractors Australia factory approved attachments

Front-end Loader

4-in-1 bucket


About Branson Tractors
Branson Tractors manufactured in South Korea by Kukje

Branson tractors are manufactured in South Korea by the Kukje company, a subsidiary of the DongKuk Steel company. The DK symbol from the parent company proudly placed on all Branson Tractors. The Kukje company has over 40 years experience designing and building tractors with technology sharing from a famous Japanese tractor manufacturer. In 1995, Kukje established its diesel engine manufacturing plant, and in 2002 established an agreement with Cummins to build and supply engines for them.

For more information regarding the Kujke company visit

Why choose a Branson Tractor
There are lots of tractors on the market so why choose a Branson

Branson have been making tractors in South Korea since 1968 giving you more than 40 years experience designing and manufacturing tractors. The first thing you will notice is the quality finish of the metal panels used for the bonnet and mud guards of the Branson. Metal panels don't flex and wobble while the tractor is running and don't split or break if you hit something. The metal panels are meticulously prepared and power coated for a high gloss finish that looks amazing and will last a life time.

Looking great is one thing but its the unseen that makes the Branson really shine. The ergonomic suspension seat gives the operator a comfortable seating position with easy access to all levers and controls and makes you feel like you can work all day. Turn the key and the Cummins engine comes to life quickly running smooth and quite.

In operating the tractor the first thing you notice is how easily all the gears select with the synchro-mesh gearbox. The factory fitted loader control valve provides smooth and controlled loader operations complemented beautifully with the synchro-mesh forward/reverse shuttle lever for fast and easy direction changes.

When comparing compact tractors horsepower alone does not tell the whole story. Many compact tractors, no matter how famous the brand name, are build on light chassis. Not only may such concepts be questionable when it comes to durability , it leads to problems with transferring horsepower to the ground where it is needed the most. Lighter tractors produce excessive wheel slippage and suffer from imbalances when implements such as loaders and slashers are added. Adding additional ballast can fix these problems but can be expensive and also inconvenient.

Branson build concept is a little different , the ballast is build into the chassis of the tractor, the weight is where you need it most to get the horse power to the ground and at the same time you get a much stronger and sturdier tractor.

Most importantly check your specifications

Other manufactures offer economy or down specification models to offer cheap prices. Branson tractors don't remove features such as 3 range transmission or synchronized range shift to offer cheap prices. We offer full spec engines and transmission and well as including all the optional extras to make sure you get the best value possible.